Suburb of Latgale located in Riga in the right bank of the river Daugava. The territory in south - eastern part of Riga beyond railway circle bordering Purvciema, Skirotava and Maskacka surrounding.

District became the part of Riga in 1924. We can easily distinguish the borders in nature because it stretches along railway and main streets. The building type differs greatly from Skirotava, Maskacka and Plavnieku surroundings. As the common element being Darzciema street - one of the most active entrepreneurs and services center in Riga.

Multi Storey type of building is characteristic to this area. Based on historical materials suburb starts to form behind the castle in 13 century. In medieval time Lachu, Zemundu and Jana mansions located in the territory of Darzciems. In honor of Lachu mansion in the 90ies the market was named (existing till 2006). As the area basic development principles we can mention agriculture (goose farms). In the suburb territory in south - eastern part of Riga was the properties of dome capital and millar of Livony order. Recording to architect Lamza territory planning in 1923 they planned extensive low building.

The Deglava street history forecasts repeated change of name. Street was formed in 1885 and up to 1937 it was named as Rumpju mansion street. Then it changed it's name to Deglava street (in honor of the writer). This name existed also in soviet times.

It is of the great importance for traffic because of Slavu circle. On Zebiekste street orphans centre is located and next to it on Sesku street there is secondary shlool № 93. In the area of Darzciems there are different level roads which maintain convenient traffic. We can reach Darzciema street in very convenient way because of different transport connecting this place to the city center.

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